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Three White Soldiers Forex

list of forex pairs with Three White Soldiers pattern.


Symbol Open High Low Close Forex Forecast
CADCHF 0.7654 0.7687 0.7652 0.7682 CADCHF Forecast
GBPBGN 2.2317 2.2513 2.2312 2.2481 GBPBGN Forecast
MXNAUD 0.0701 0.0706 0.0699 0.0704 MXNAUD Forecast
MXNCHF 0.0522 0.0527 0.0521 0.0526 MXNCHF Forecast
MXNCZK 1.1082 1.1219 1.1057 1.1178 MXNCZK Forecast
MXNDKK 0.3246 0.3281 0.3238 0.3271 MXNDKK Forecast
MXNEUR 0.0435 0.0440 0.0435 0.0439 MXNEUR Forecast
MXNJPY 5.7940 5.8280 5.7690 5.8110 MXNJPY Forecast
MXNSGD 0.0704 0.0708 0.0702 0.0706 MXNSGD Forecast
USDKES 98.4470 98.7050 98.4470 98.6390 USDKES Forecast

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